Chandrakant Sonawane has come a long way

Everything has to be proper for him. Many students aspire to be a part of this expensive profession and style Bollywood bigwigs, but only a few get to rule the chart. Those familiar with Bhansali’s work can easily imagine the grandeur of his films’ costumes. “At the institute, my teachers helped me a lot.As a school student, Sonawane too didn’t know what his calling was, and it was a news article about fashion design as a career that caught his attention. If she is wearing Indian clothes, she would present it in a typical ethnic way and you can see the boldness in her appearance in Western clothes too. She maintains a very fine line in her dressing,” he explains. He then got the opportunity to dress Madhuri Dixit in her Marathi film Bucket List, Vivek Oberoi in PM Narendra Modi, Sanjay Dutt and Aditi Rao Hydari in Bhoomi, and also the team of Housefull 4. I was given concession in my college fees but still, recycled faux fur fabric I still didn’t have sufficient money, so I started working just after two months in the city,” he recalls. I love the way they make embroidery on clothes,” shares the designer, who loves to read biographies chronicling people’s struggles and achievements. No director does this sort of work.“Madhuri ma’am carries Indian clothing like no one else in the industry, as does Priyanka ma’am.

“At times I watch historical films and web series to see the innovative costumes, and apply those ideas to my work,” says Sonawane in conclusion. “I love visiting Kutch and Bhuj in Gujarat. “We weren’t financially stable; we only had one piece of land which was my father’s life long earning, and he had to give half of it away for my education,” recalls the designer, adding that his parents broke all ties with him after giving away half of the land.Sonawane’s life at Bhansali Productions wasn’t easy either, especially during Ram Leela, which was followed by Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat, starring Deepika Padu-kone, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. “I just read the piece and knew I want to become one.Since Ram Leela, the designer has travelled across the world for shoots and research, but the Gujarati clothing from the film still stays with him. He bagged Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Ram Leela just after completing the designing course at International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) in Pune. You need to do a lot of research before meeting him, because he wants to know everything— from colour palettes and fabric to the details of where the fabric was made. Sonawane personally likes Ranveer Singh, Madhuri Dixit and Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ style the best. Among them is costume designer Chandrakant Sonawane, a farmer’s son from Jalna district of Maharashtra.“One of my college friends called me one day to assist Maxima Basu, who was the designer for Ram Leela and I agreed,” says Sonawane, who was made to do odd jobs on the fields as a child.“Every director has his own idea about fashion and costume for their actors.

Chandrakant Sonawane has come a long way, from working on the fields to designing clothes for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films. They don’t quite understand what I do, but they have accepted my profession for whatever it is,” he smiles. I told everyone that I wanted to become a fashion designer, so I had no other option,” he confesses and adds that one of his friends pushed him to visit the fashion institute in Pune. “Bhansali gives importance to the detailing of every costume used in the film. There is a lot of creativity in every house. Not many give importance to the details because they think the audience would only look at the actors,” he says. Every day comes with a new challenge, so you need to work a lot on your designs and concepts,” the designer reveals.. “But now things are fine. Chandrakant Sonawane with Madhuri Dixit Fashion design is about channelling one’s creativity, skill, and aesthetic in new and exciting ways.Before getting Bhansali’s extravagant films, Sonawane had worked with a few Marathi and Gujarati directors as well as a few Film and Television Institute (FTII) diploma projects

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Indeed, they show up in everything from

To confirm that these effects apply to mammals, the researchers replicated the study with mice..More-recent research has found that exposure to the sweet-tasting chemicals is associated with early menstruation in girls; and in a 2015 study, researchers from the National Institutes of Health and George Washington University found that they show up in breast milk — even from women who don’t consume diet drinks.Artificially sweetened foods, the researchers suggest, generate a kind of starvation effect — the brain perceives a calorie shortage and seeks to close it. Since the fake sweetener doesn’t deliver the expected calories, the flies go looking for more calorie-rich food to restore balance.This new paper lands on top of a slew of recent research: Population studies showing that people who regularly drink diet soda are more likely to suffer strokes and heart attacks and develop type 2 diabetes, as well as studies suggesting that fake sweeteners generate diabetic conditions by triggering a Pavlovian response to sweetness and altering the population of microbes that live in our guts. That result showed that avoiding faux sweeteners is tough because of “their omnipresence in the food supply and hygiene/cosmetic products,” the paper states.

They also found that the sucralose-fed flies experienced naturally sweetened food more intensely — it triggered a larger pleasure response, and “this then increases the animal’s overall motivation to eat more food,” they write. The flies also displayed “hyperactivity, insomnia, and sleep fragmentation,” the authors write, noting that similar effects have been found in people who consume artificial sweeteners.To find out why, the researchers tracked the neural activity of the ravenous flies — the electrical impulses that travel through the nerves and trigger action, a system that’s roughly similar to that of people (which is just one reason the pesky insects are widely used in research as a model for humans). The latest: Researchers at the University of Sydney have identified a possible brain pathway that might push us to eat more sweet after taking in calorie-free sugar substitutes.jpg Black sheared fur faux fur fabric As US diet soda sales fizzle, a mounting weight of evidence suggests that consumers may be onto something by turning away from artificial sweeteners.As US diet soda sales fizzle, a mounting weight of evidence suggests that consumers may be onto something by turning away from artificial sweeteners.

Indeed, they show up in everything from “reduced sugar” ketchup to “light” yogurt and even toothpaste.They found that inside the brain’s reward centers, sweet flavour sensations are accompanied by the expectation of a calorie blast.The team found that when fruit flies are fed regular doses of sucralose over an extended period, they consume 30 percent more calories (compared with sucralose-free control flies) when they have access to naturally sweetened food. And a case of the munchies wasn’t the only behavior “consistent with a mild starvation or fasting state” the researchers identified in the test flies. Again, the mice that consumed a sucralose diet ate more food, and the nerve impulses involved were the same as for fruit flies. And when the team removed the sucralose, the effect vanished. They also found that the artificially sweetened diet boosted insulin and reduced glucose tolerance — in humans, warning signs for diabetes. We need to read those labels carefully. SWEETNER2 COPY

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Cardinal and Major Arch Bishop of Diocese of Ernakulam

Naqvi assured that no "destructive agenda" will be allowed to dominate our "development agenda". Social harmony can’t be ensured without cultural harmony," he said. File photo of MoS for minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.Naqvi, also MoS for Parliamentary affairs, said the government had been reaching out directly to people of these communities through &White dyed fox fur faux fur fabric39;Sadbhav Samagam', 'Progress Panchayat and 'Hunar Haat’ and strengthening the feeling of trust and development among them.Naqvi said that despite religious and cultural diversity, the spirit of social harmony, unity and tolerance has strengthened over several centuries, maintaining India’s DNA of 'Unity in Diversity'.The Minister of State for minority affairs said that India is the best example for the world when it comes to maintaining social harmony. Every religion, every region, every culture and every community will have to move forward together to make India an example of social unity for the entire world," he said.Lauding Andrews Thazhath, Archbishop of Thrissur diocese and Buon Natale, he said this function is a gathering which promotes social harmony and unity, tolerance and brotherhood. India’s cultural harmony is the password of social harmony."India is the champion of social harmony and ensuring Minorities rights.

Naqvi said India is the best example for the world in relation with communal and social harmony, unity and tolerance and also protecting rights of the Minorities.Naqvi said that India’s archaic history is proof that its people had always overcome forces that tried to disturb its rich culture.Even with various languages, religions, regions and cultural traditions, the country is united only because of its cultural harmony, whose special feature is unity in diversity, he saidNaqvi said that cultural harmony not only saves us from religious narrow-mindedness and confrontation; it also strengthens the fabric of social harmony.

Earlier today, Naqvi met George Alencherry, Cardinal and Major Arch Bishop of Diocese of Ernakulam at Kochi and discussed various issues concerned to the Christian community.He urged the people to judge the Narendra Modi Government based on its work and not through 'misinformation propaganda' started by people against the government. (Photo: File) Thrissur: Harmony, unity and tolerance is the DNA of # India and the 'USP' of India's ancient and rich cultural heritage, said Minister of State for Minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Wednesday."We have to protect and strengthen this fabric of social harmony, unity and tolerance at any cost.He said the Modi Government has been making honest effort to provide light of development to all sections of society.Buon Natale has already entered Guinness World Records as the largest gathering of people dressed up as Santa Claus.The Union Minister stated this while inaugurating 'Buon Natale', an annual carol procession organised by the Thrissur Archidiocese that has people parading dressed up as Santa Claus, amid a huge crowd of people from all walks of life in Thrissur.

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All you are is a male menopausal moment

Ashford, dressed in jean shorts, kneepads, feathered hair, a fuzzy sweater and fur-lined sneakers and bracelets, captures the playful, naughty essence of a dog without being led a-stray by camp. He is hysterical.R. Gurney’s charming play, which opened Tuesday at the Cort Theatre. He’s a restless empty-nester, somewhere “between the first hint of retirement and the first whiff of the nursing home. Don’t ter-rier self up.” You might call him a little melan-collie. Sylvia interacts with her new owners in English but sometimes gets a little confused.R.Ashford is stepping into the paw tracks of a character previously played in New York in 1995 by Sarah Jessica Parker, who was dating future husband Broderick at the time.He plays three roles, including a dog-lover with a pooch named Bowser, a haughty Manhattan matron who Sylvia turns into a muttering mess, and a marriage counselor of indeterminate gender. Now, as im-paw-sible as it seems, Broderick is playing Ashford’s master.

You might even call it fetching.She sniffs around, loves walks in the park and makes her leg twitch when her ears are rubbed. Daniel Sullivan directs with howling success.)For all the doggie brilliance, there’s a fourth member of the cast — a rubber-faced Robert Sella — who is of a different breed, entirely. But with this cast and David Rockwell’s fine sets, it’s a welcome treat. Gurney’s charming play, which opened Tuesday at the Cort Theatre. It helps when you have faux fur fabric suppliers a hot dog in the title role and Annaleigh Ashford, a new Tony Award winner, is at the top of her co-me-tick game. (Photo: AP) Man’s best friend may never have a better tail than A.

“All you are is a male menopausal moment,” the wife snaps at Sylvia. With the kids gone, Greg needs to be needed again.“Sylvia” has often been knocked as a slight play, one that relies on a single gag. Relax. She also runs through the theater’s aisles and tells off a cat in one of the more memorable scenes. She is a projection, after all, of their fears and fantasies.The fact that Sylvia is an attractive young woman under all that puppy love means the audience may ‘paws’ to wonder exactly what’s going on with this canine-human bond.The high-spirited Sylvia soon comes between husband and wife (a wonderfully flustered Julie White), who doesn’t want to be tied down and fears the pooch will destroy their 22-year marriage. (“You take me back in some basic way,” he tells Sylvia. He starts to truly adore his doggie. She’s off and running.Man’s best friend may never have a better tail than A. Annaleigh Ashford (right) and Matthew Broderick appear during a performance of Sylvia in New York..Sylvia is about a large, part-Labrador, part-poodle female that latches onto the well-to-do Greg (an appealing Matthew Broderick) in Central Park

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If one machine is found to be defective

“I have been repeatedly saying that these machines are being tampered with at a large scale. Delhi chief China Rubber gasket minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia emerge after a meeting at the Chief Election Commission in New Delhi. (Photo: Biplab Banerjee) New Delhi: Raising the pitch for re-introduction of paper ballot for the elections across the country, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday urged the Election Commission to probe cases of faulty Electronic Voting Machines to ascertain if they were tampered with to favour the Bharatiya Janata Party in the recent elections.The chorus against EVMs gained momentum after the recently held Assembly elections in five states. They all can’t be checked.” In Delhi’s civic polls, 12,000 machines are going to be used.Kejriwal reiterates claim that voting machines were tampered with, urges EC to use paper ballot. If any machine is found to be defective, they change it but don’t order for any inquiry.He asked why it was that every defective machine favoured the BJP and not any other political party.

“ Mr Kejriwal said that in all three incidents, where the defective machines were found, the EC did not issue any inquiry about tampering. Similar machines surfaced in Assam and Delhi Cantonment where no matter which party you vote for, the vote only goes to the BJP,” he said.The AAP leader said, “Friday’s Madhya Pradesh incident raises big questions like-if elections in India were being conducted in a fair manner and if people are casting their votes or are machines doing it?” he asked.The Delhi chief minister added that before the elections, the EC conducts demonstrations of 20-25 machines.“I have demanded that a technical investigation into all these incidents is to be conducted so it could be found if the machines were tampered with, if so, who was responsible,” he said.

If one machine is found to be defective, it raises questions about the others too,” he said. Opposition parties, including the AAP and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, raised the issue with some alleging that EVM tampering helped the BJP.Citing Friday’s case of Madhya Pradesh, where an EVM — during a demonstration to media — printed slips of the BJP irrespective of whichever button was pressed, Mr Kejriwal said that it was not an isolated incident and demanded a probe into it.The Delhi civic polls will be conducted on April 23 and results will be declared on April 26.”Mr Kejriwal said that while the “EC says that the chips of the EVMs can’t be written on, it clearly doesn’t seem to be the case”. “It means these machines are being tampered with and their software have been changed. “Otherwise, no matter who people vote for, only lotus would bloom from the ‘keechad’ of EVMs,” he added, in a reference to the lotus symbol of the BJP.

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Pan Bahar ad that left his fans shaken if not stirred

I have said no to many requests that I feel are unethical. Designer Nachiket Barve states, “It’s important to stick by principles. But, I believe that if somebody chooses to endorse a cause outside his belief, then they should have the freedom to do it. Did he believe in it? Well, we don’t know. They have their priorities too, they have to live with themselves and they have a conscience they are answerable to.

I will never work with it even if someone asks for it, and specifically with a fur called karakul which is horrifyingly made with unborn lambs. we can surely find humane substitutes for fur.. Melania Trump When New York-based French designer Sophie Theallet whose feminine designs have appealed to the likes of Michelle Obama refused to dress Melania Trump, everyone raised an eyebrow. Even Pierce Brosnan, the suave Bond made headlines recently for pulling daring stunts for a Pan Bahar ad that left his fans shaken if not stirred.

”Even Kangana Ranaut has refused a Rs 2 crore deal to endorse a fairness cream. But Sophie stood her ground.”Actor John Abraham is known to have refused to dance at weddings, unlike his other contemporaries as he believes that it is against his principles. Freedom of thought, expression, to be who you are are important for every individual. Today, humans have the ability to design space travel.Celebrities are taking a firm stance about issues. I believe in power yoga, and that’s why I promote it.

Kajol’s sister, actor Tanishaa Mukerji who was last seen in Bigg Boss 10 agrees, “Celebrities are people and when people choose to not go against their beliefs, it’s a very human thing.”. Celebrities are no different from others and if Dark green pointy yellow hairy dumplings faux fur fabric they don’t believe in that product or cause then they should stand by their belief. As a pet owner, my mind changed about working with fur. Sandalwood star Sanjjanaa Archana Galrani says, “Endorsement of a product or cause just for the sake of money and compromising one’s ethics is something that doesn’t work for me. It’s an individual choice. Superstar Akshay Kumar who doesn’t indulge in drinking or smoking has stated that he would never endorse any liquor or tobacco brand

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Dark window drapes are not great for the dull

It means ensure they are easily washable, and easy to maintain. The trick is to choose a design that rejuvenates the senses and relaxes you.Cusion calling: Adding a volley of pillows and cushions can brighten up your space.During the season of weddings, newly weds can embellish their personal space with budget on their mind. From exquisite handcrafted cushions to handloom and painted ones, they bring a sense of whimsicality into your home.Draw those curtains with love: The colour or material of your drapes will reflect the mood at home. Since the mood is just right for you to unleash your personal creativity, routine styling will lend a bigger and wider palette to experiment.

You don’t need a colour or style which you personally dislike.Go with fabric: Cloth is always better than any new age fabric as it lends warmth to a space. Dark window drapes are not great for the dull winter as they make one mentally lethargic. Even before you start planning the interiors, it is wise to not underplay this aspect.Sonam Gupta is the Design head of Tangerine and is a graduate from the National Institute of Design. To create the Rice print double set of leopard print faux fur fabric perfect match at home, it is important to pay attention to everyday styling.Bed cover it with calm: Bed covers are aplenty in the market.

Dark window drapes are not great for the dull winter as they make one mentally lethargic.. Using natural materials, colours, and adding a natural element like a street or beach scene will add character.Rug it right: Use rugs as a style quotient, and it’s hygienic too. If cotton bed sheets are not decorative enough, try a mix and match of silk or jute with it. Use medium shades like soft blues or reds, or monochrome patterns of black and white to add glory and comfort. The bed is a place where you find solace at the end of a hard day. The colour or material of your drapes will reflect the mood at home

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